Let's Look At All The Awful Decisions In the Furious 7 Trailer

I'm not going to lie to you: I think most movies Hollywood makes targeted at gearheads and car lovers sort of suck. Sort of really suck. And I get that there's suspension of disbelief and fun and over-the-top-action, but these movies seem to take all that to Dimension Stupid. And the new Furious 7 trailer suggests… »11/03/14 3:51pm11/03/14 3:51pm

Paul Walker's Brother Reportedly Filling In For Fast & Furious 7

With star Paul Walker's untimely death a few weeks ago, filming of Fast & Furious 7 was thrown up into the air, with reports saying that Walker's role was only half-filmed. Paul left, behind two brothers, however, and now younger sibling Cody, 25, is said to have been asked to fill in for Paul in certain shots. »12/14/13 11:23am12/14/13 11:23am