Illustration for article titled TMZ: iFast And Furious 7/i Scraps Drag Race Scene As Too Dangerous

As Fast and Furious 7, already marred by the death of actor Paul Walker in a crash last year, wraps filming, it does so without a "critical" racing scene reportedly scrubbed from the film for being too dangerous.


TMZ reports that producers pulled the plug on a racing stunt scene at Willow Springs Raceway involving "a souped-up yellow Chevelle" that dukes it out with another car, popping a massive wheelie like Dom's black 1970 Dodge Charger did in the first film.


They say the scene was prepped for several days, and Vin Diesel was present, but Universal canceled the shoot after being unable to secure insurance for it. The gossip site also says producers are extremely cautious after Walker's death, fearing that if something happened to Diesel or another star it could "jeopardize the entire franchise."

Yesterday the team behind the film spoke out on Facebook about the final shot being completed, and while their message didn't address the canceled stunt, it did thank the fans and said "Our family is big and strong but it won't ever quite be whole again without Paul."

Truly sad.

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