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Furious 7 Is The Highest Grossing Movie In China Ever (Seriously)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You thought Furious 7 was a crap movie full of crap actors with a crap plot about crap. You, my crappy friend, are wrong. Because the only thing right in this world is the power of money, and China just voted with all of its money that Furious 7 is the best movie ever.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Furious 7 is now China’s most successful movie ever, breaching the key 2 billion threshold in the local yuan currency. With a May holiday coming up, the story of Furious’ remarkable performance is probably not over yet.

The film has grossed an astonishing $325.8 million in 15 days, according to studio data, and has passed the Transformers: Age of Extinction box office of $319 million.

James Wan’s movie had 398,897 screenings and 11.517 million admissions, according to data from research group Entgroup, China is now the biggest box-office territory in the world for Furious 7. Entgroup put the cume at $324 million.


You’re probably furiously frothing at the mouth, jealous with a blind rage that China, not America, is home to the most appreciation for America’s Best Movie Ever. That’s okay. That’s an “okay” feeling to have. Because beyond the plot twists and turns and questions about “how can there be more than one big bald dude with muscles, I am so confused,” and “Paul Walker?”, there are a few reasons that Furious 7 is so good, in China.

First and foremost, the film distribution system works differently from the way it does in the US, so just by virtue of getting the movie into a lot of theaters across the country, you can have a very popular movie. In this case, the Chinese state actually has a 10% stake in the movie, which helps to boost distribution in China, where the Chinese state is.


Just as well, a bunch of the film’s stars helped promote the movie in China, which helps big Hollywood productions, in China.

And thirdly, it’s not a crap movie. It’s a perfectly fine movie for people who like cars, action, and explosions.

I think it has cars, action, and explosions, anyways. I haven’t seen it. But China’s seen it.


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