Proof Is In The Pictures! AutoWeek's Phil Floraday Breaks Embargo On Buick Enclave

At car industry events, Phil Floraday normally can be found arm-in-arm with his fellow AutoWeek mag o' war man, Bob Gritzinger. Somehow we're unsure if we'll be seeing either of them invited to another event of the General's. If you'll remember, Gritzinger was the motor-man who broke open the seal on the new-for-2007… »4/24/07 12:15pm4/24/07 12:15pm

New York Auto Show: Hackers Went After Subaru Website For Hot Impreza Action?

We never knew the Subaru website was an epicenter of embargoed press info instead of the embargo system itself that was to blame for all those impressive Impreza leaks prior to the show. Little did we know it was really those dastardly buff mags consumer web sites bloggers hackers — always trying to get the scoop on… »4/06/07 1:45pm4/06/07 1:45pm

Chrysler Group's Got Embargo-Busting Balls. Jalopnik Likes Balls.

Ok, well — it looks like at least one automaker's got the balls to pick up our my gauntlet I slapped down on Monday. Just a few minutes ago, Jason Vines, veep of communications at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, issued the following decree over the Firehouse media blog: »2/01/07 4:23pm2/01/07 4:23pm

We've got to give the man…

Christmas In February: Chrysler Hands Buff Books an Embargo Loophole

Don't be alarmed, it's not Feburary 2007, though you might get that impression from eyeballing the covers of car magazines on the stands. No, it's still December 2006, though some buff books have already published their February issues, satisfying a rule apparently concocted to give print publishers competitive parity… »12/28/06 12:36pm12/28/06 12:36pm

Embarg-Uh-Oed! AutoWeek Breaks Honda/Acura Embargo, Spews MDX Pics Across The Web!

We feel like AutoWeek must not need to worry about those "embargo"-things, it's like they don't seem to apply to the folks with the once-a-week web updates. Like with the GMT-900 pickups last month and now with these pics of the Honda MDX. Of course what do we know, maybe AutoWeek went to the bathroom when the… »8/25/06 7:21pm8/25/06 7:21pm