Chrysler Group's Got Embargo-Busting Balls. Jalopnik Likes Balls.

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Ok, well — it looks like at least one automaker's got the balls to pick up our my gauntlet I slapped down on Monday. Just a few minutes ago, Jason Vines, veep of communications at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, issued the following decree over the Firehouse media blog:

"We've given the issue over embargoes, and more importantly, fairness, deep thought along with some spirited debate. We also listened to you. Here's the Chrysler Group embargo policy effective immediately. It's simple. An embargo is an embargo. No material given by us in advance can appear before the embargo date and time. That includes print, enthusiast publications, blogs, electronic media, and guys walking the streets with sandwich boards—everyone. We're exploring new technology that will automatically allow us to identify embargo breakers in the future. We're serious about protecting our information and being fair to journalists in all media. I appreciate the feedback I've received from many of you. It made a difference."


We've got to give the man credit. We don't know how much that shit's worth, man — so spend it quickly.

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