Jalopnik Breaks the Opel Manta Embargo!

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We generally have a policy here at Jalopnik that we're not to be the guys with the Bangalore torpedo up against an embargo's wall, although we'll leap through the gaping maw as quickly as possible; sometimes even before the smoke clears, dodging falling concrete and hot, twisted rebar as we hustle through. However, we're here to tell you that for 1970, Opel is launching an Ascona-based sport coupe called the Manta that we predict will be culturally significant for decades to come in Europe. In fact, it may even follow the Kadett onto American shores. Sorry, GM. Your veil of secrecy is no match for tha Mighty Jalop — to wit, we've uncovered this supersecret PR photo illustrating the vehicle's sporting nature and bikini-girl-attracting potential. Consider yourselves on notice.

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I think I just shot cereal milk out of my nose. I haven't laughed that hard in days.