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At car industry events, Phil Floraday normally can be found arm-in-arm with his fellow AutoWeek mag o' war man, Bob Gritzinger. Somehow we're unsure if we'll be seeing either of them invited to another event of the General's. If you'll remember, Gritzinger was the motor-man who broke open the seal on the new-for-2007 GMT-900 twin pickups, the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. Gritz dropped the AutoWeek piece well before the media drives were even completed by dropping into a local Chevy dealership where he snagged 20 minutes in a Silverado for a test drive. And with today's broke-as-a-joke embargo break of the drive review of the Buick Enclave it looks like Floraday's cribbing notes from the other member of the dastardly duo. Phil claims to have gotten his hands on Tiger's Buick's Enclave for a quick little jaunt courtesy of a "local Buick dealer." Despite Phil being our bud, we're totally calling shenanigans on AutoWeek's little ruse right now until we see some photos of Phil at the wheel on Telegraph Rd....or Woodward. Hell, we'd even take 696 at this point.

First Drive—2008 Buick Enclave [AutoWeek]

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