The 2016 Chevy Colorado And GMC Canyon Diesels Are The Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks You Can Buy 

Twenty-two miles per gallon in the city and 31 MPG on the highway. That’s how good your fuel economy will be if you opt for the new diesel 2016 Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon. Considering we’re talking about two very capable trucks, those are very impressive numbers. »11/11/15 4:28pm11/11/15 4:28pm

Volkswagen Had Diesel Cheat Systems On V6 Engines Too, Audi And Porsche Included: EPA (Updated)

Did you really think Dieselgate only involved the Volkswagen Group’s four-cylinder engine lineup? Hah! The Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board announced today that VW’s 3.0-liter diesel V6, found on Porsche, Audi and VW models, also had an emissions cheating system. Update: And VW denies… »11/02/15 1:26pm11/02/15 1:26pm

How The Chevy Colorado Diesel Was Americanized: It's More Than Emissions

“Diesel Chevy truck” sounds as American as John Wayne watching Jackass on a phone while he’s eating a hot dog and picking a fight at a baseball game. But even though the four-cylinder Duramax rumbling in the new Colorado and GMC Canyon has been around since 2011, it wasn’t actually fit for the U.S.A. until now. »10/12/15 12:21pm10/12/15 12:21pm

This Isn't Even Volkswagen's First Diesel Disaster

Volkswagen certainly has done a dazzling job of turning their entire line of TDI diesel cars into a steaming, heaping pile of beaver shit with their duplicitous emissions fudging-system, but it’s nice to know this isn’t the first time diesels have bitten them on the ass. The first time was, of course, much simpler. »9/22/15 6:45pm9/22/15 6:45pm

VW Discontinued The Guilty TDI In 2014, So Why Can't You Buy The New Ones?

The diesel engines found in Volkswagen products since the 2015 model year are not the Type EA189 TDIs that admittedly have the emission cheating software installed, but VW still can’t sell you the newer Type EA288 TDI engines in 2015 and 2016 model year cars either. Why? We’re not sure yet. »9/22/15 12:37pm9/22/15 12:37pm

Volkswagen Admits 'Defeat Device' On 11 Million Engines Worldwide, Sets Aside $7.2B

Things just went from catastrophic to apocalyptic as Volkswagen just admitted that the emission test cheating engine management software at the center of the Dieselgate controversy is installed in 11 million Volkswagen Group cars worldwide. They also say they’ll set aside $7.2 billion in just the third quarter to… »9/22/15 7:12am9/22/15 7:12am