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Transformers 2 Caught At Air Force Base, Chevy Beat Bot To Be "Skids"

Looks like the crew of Transformers 2 was caught on-set in Arizona at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base along with a couple of the more robotic cast members — albeit while in their vehicle mode get-ups. Based on the plates, it looks like we're also able to put a name to the bot who will be played by the Chevy Beat » 10/09/08 1:20pm 10/09/08 1:20pm

Report: Devastator, Seven Constructicons To Appear In Transformers:…

In case red n' blue semis and military six-by-sixes didn't offer big enough robo-thrills in the last installment of Transformers, we've now read a report Devastator, a robot formed by "seven Constructicons" (different pieces of construction equipment), will be one of the Decepticons in next summer's Transformers:… » 9/11/08 10:00am 9/11/08 10:00am

General Motors, Army Combine Forces On Arizona Test Track - To Build A…

Word has just come our way the General and the real makers of Generals, the US Army, are working together to build something together deep in the Arizona desert. They've signed an agreement for GM to construct a $100 million test track on the Army's proving grounds. In addition to building it, the 50-year lease… » 7/11/07 1:15pm 7/11/07 1:15pm