Transformers 2 Corvette Centennial Concept Character Named "Sideswipe"

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After revealing the identity of the Corvette Centennial Concept that had been spotted on the set of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and giving you close-up detail shots, we've now got word that the Corvette Concept is not merely a car, but a robot in disguise named Sideswipe. Originally a Lamborghini in the old cartoons, Sideswipe is a rule-bending but loyal Autobot warrior out to take down the evil Decepticons. Sideswipe's latest identity was uncovered at the recent Hasbro Licensing Summit, along with some other T2 details.

Insiders report further confirmation that Devastator will be in the new movie, the Optimus Prime figure will be a new mold with a new transformation, and that Megatron will indeed be a tank. Now if we could just get the trailer unhitched from the next Star Trek, we'd have something. [via TFW2005]


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Jeff Glucker

Interesting... I heard Michael Bay's Transformers Name is Asswipe