There was a report not too long ago about the possibility of Devastator showing up in the new movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now it seems an Insider over at TFW200 claims they've got the laundry list of construction vehicles that'll make up the Constructicons, who together will form the mega-bot. If the list is accurate, and the insider hasn't yet been wrong, let it not be said that director Michael Bay thinks small, as the combined weight of these behemoths of industry tip the scales at well over 2.5 million pounds. That's a whole lot of pissed off robot. The entire list — there's apparently seven of them — along with images of the monster vehicular modes, below the jump.

O&K/Terex RH400 - Hydraulic Mining Excavator - (In red)


Tipping the scales at a sveltd 1,553,220 lbs, the RH400 is easily the heavyweight of the group, and in fact it's the largest hydraulic shovel in the world. This mining excavator is so big it actually has a rest area next to the operator's cab complete with microwave, coffee machine, a refrigerator and sleeping bunk. Given the size, this baby is probably a torso and an arm, a big monster arm at that, with that chomping shovel end too.

Caterpillar 992G - Wheel Loader - (In yellow)

Introduced in 1990, the 992G was for a time the largest articulated earth mover in the world. Completely outfitted, the 992G weighs in at over 204,000 lbs and can take 16-cubic-yard bites out of the earth. Perhaps useful as a leg, but really, a giant loader is useful anywhere.

Caterpillar 773B - Dump Truck - (In green)


The Cat 773B is a fairly standard heavy-duty off-road dump truck and can tote loads of about 50 tons all while tipping the scales at a scant 85,687 lbs. Positively gaunt compared to that hydraulic shovel. We're betting on a leg, perhaps some kind of transforming weapon, but with Bay, you can never really tell.

Mack Cement Mixer - (In silver and white)


Nothing to see here. It's a Mack cement truck, and considering the size of this thing relative to some of the other equipment, we're assuming Bay is using the Mack as a robot foot.

Komatsu HD465-7 - Articulated Dump Truck - (red)


The Komatsu HD465-7 is a step up in the dump truck department. With a 715 HP diesel engine and a 61-ton capacity, this 94,360 lb hauler is nothing to sneeze at; probably a leg or an arm, judging from the scale of the other vehicles.

Kobelco CK2500 - Truss Crane - (In yellow)


Able to dead-lift 250 tons, the CK2500 is certainly capable of some wanton destruction. We've got one thing in mind for this 458,600 lb crane: giant robotic mace arm. Oh, yeah, talk about Bay-style explosions and destruction; this thing is practically made for it.

Caterpillar D9L - Bulldozer - (In beige)


We can think of nothing better to act as a head for this brute than a Caterpillar D9L. This 107,000 lb earth mover is the choice of the world's militaries for mine clearing and heavy road-building operations. The D9L also possesses that which all truly bad-ass characters require — a strong jaw-line, or in this case, blade-line. [via TFW2005]

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