The unbelievable story of a secret Corvette with only 3,000 miles

Finding low-milage classic cars tucked away in garages isn't exactly big news these days, but this one is a little different… In April, the Houston Mecum Auction will feature the most unmolested Corvette Stingray in all of consumer Corvette history and maybe the most valuable. Here's the car's crazy story: » 3/20/14 12:30pm 3/20/14 12:30pm

7-Speeds Of Manual Goodness, Then What?

We talk often about the "death of the manual", but is it really dead? Or is it just momentarily dormant as the 6-speed slowly peters out and the 7-speed ramps up? I wish. More than likely, these +1 gear'd anomalies will remain just that; anomalies. Beautiful looking, amazing handling, anomalies. » 3/01/14 8:25pm 3/01/14 8:25pm

This Is How Two Factory Racing Teams Get Ready For Daytona

The Porsche 911 and the Chevrolet Corvette are worlds apart, from a design standpoint. One is rear-engined, with six cylinders yammering away, the other is front-engined, with eight fat pistons bellowing out. Both use the ultimate test of the track to make better sports cars for you. » 1/25/14 4:22pm 1/25/14 4:22pm

Westbrook Corvette DP leads opening Rolex 24 practice

Practice for this weekend's Rolex 24 at Daytona kicked off Thursday morning with Spirit of Daytona driver Richard Westbrook posting the quickest lap overall in the session in his Corvette DP at 1:39.462. A total of 66 cars spread across the event's four classes posted laps in the hour-long session at Daytona… » 1/23/14 2:58pm 1/23/14 2:58pm

The 2015 Corvette Z06: Now With An 8-Speed Automatic

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will be officially upon us in a few hours, but as embargoes begin to crack like so many leaks in a dam, more information is flooding out. This time we've got more power numbers and a whole bunch more details. » 1/12/14 9:20pm 1/12/14 9:20pm

A Brief History Of The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (And Why It Matters)

Pictures of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 first leaked yesterday, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. People loved the aggressive intakes, the menacing spoilers, and the "I'm gonna get ya" face. Readers were also surprised that the Z06 was such a drastic step from the base Corvette. But if you know history,… » 1/12/14 3:05pm 1/12/14 3:05pm

The New Corvette Stingray Will Come With Built-In Instant Replay

You can brag to your friends about the amazing weekend you had at the track all you want, but without a witness, you might as well be boasting about that monstrous fish that got away. So for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, GM is including what it calls its Performance Data Recorder which overlays telemetry,… » 1/05/14 11:03pm 1/05/14 11:03pm

The most important Corvette ever is up for auction this month

Get your rich uncle good and hyped because you'll need him to purchase arguably the most important Corvette ever built. The "Real McCoy" 1956 Corvette SR Prototype will roll across the auction block on January 25th at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, FL. » 1/04/14 11:46am 1/04/14 11:46am

The One-Of-A-Kind 1961 Kelly Corvette Coupe Is Simply Wonderful

Finding a new car you've never heard of is always exciting, no matter if it's, say, an Angolan variant of an Oltcit Cub built under license by Perouda, or something equally uninspiring. But sometimes you stumble on something so remarkable you have no idea how it's eluded you for so long. That's the 1961 Kelly Corvette… » 11/11/13 4:40pm 11/11/13 4:40pm

CCC / GM First Drive Recap

General Motors has been working hard over the last decade to shed the stigma of the carpocalypse. As history has proven time and time again, some of the best innovations come when you hit rock bottom, and GM is no exception. Fighting their way back from bankruptcy, GM has come out lean and on their toes, punching above … » 11/11/13 2:14pm 11/11/13 2:14pm

Turning a blank Latemodel Stock Car into a Beautiful 2014 Corvette

Since this will be my first post on Oppo, allow me to introduce myself! I am Harris Lue, 21 year old Graphic Design Student at East Carolina University with a huge passion for all things car, and I work for my best friend Kenny Forbes' race team designing his cars and all promotional materials. » 10/17/13 7:36am 10/17/13 7:36am