The Ducati 'draXter' XDiavel Concept Is A Vicious Nightmare Of A Sport Cruiser

I had two nightmares last night. In one, Ducati’s draXter XDiavel concept was chasing me down a dark, desolate highways and trying to eat me. The other involved losing a bet and being strapped to the draXster with the throttle taped wide open as someone dropped the clutch. I still can’t decide which was scarier.

This Company Will Build You A Kickass Hybrid Two-Wheel Drive BMW Adventure Bike

Wunderlich is a German aftermarket tuning company that works so closely with BMW, it’s kind of even tipped BMW’s hand at time with what’s to come. Their latest concept is a particularly interesting one, as it gives the massive adventure bike BMW R 1200 GS a second, electric motor and affixes it to the front wheel.

The Honda 2&4: A Screaming Open-Air Magic Machine Here To Slay The Ariel Atom

You get one of two things when you combine a car and a motorcycle. Your first option is a massively heavy, chromed out two-wheeled cruiser. The other option is a four wheeled, lightweight, open-air kart with a superbike motor under the hood. One is a pleasant way to ride across the country; the other is the Honda 2 &…