Image: Toyota

Back in 2014 Toyota crafted the U-squared concept utility vehicle. It was a tough-looking compact van/CUV thing that with a roll-off tailgate and a retractable roof might have been capable of revolutionizing the urban delivery vehicle. If this thing had an EV drivetrain, I might have said it was unveiled in 2020, not six years prior. This is the ultimate Toyota, and it’s a shame it never came about.

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While we’re at it let’s talk about the Toyota Camette concept from 2012. I assume the designers were out late and had just a little too much sake. Hey guys let’s build an electric car with interchangeable body panels so you can make it whatever you want for the day. It’ll have 1+2 seating and the driver’s seat can be adjusted all the way forward so KIDS can drive it too! Oh, and let's give the parental units controls in the back. Pass me that bottle...