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Jeep showcased the Nukizer concept at the 2010 Easter Jeep Safari; and now we've finally got a chance to see what it can do off-road.

The Nukizer was a modern rendition of the Jeep Kaiser trucks that replaced the Dodge Power Wagon as America's military pickup for the Vietnam War.

The concept sits on a Jeep J8 (military Wrangler) platform. The front's all Mopar custom carbon-fiber, and the bed is from Wrangler pickup-converters AEV.

It's powered by the same 2.8 Motori diesel engine that saw duty in the Jeep Cherokee and Liberty, mated to a four-speed automatic turning 38" BF Goodrich tires.


Dynatrac axles, Advanced Adapters transfer case, and Hutchinson double headlocks help keep the truck un-stuck. And yeah, the Bestop convertible top actually works.

Our friends at The Fast Lane Truck had the Nukizer for a romp on the rocks out in the off-road paradise of Moab, Utah. It's pretty fun to watch the rig in action, so I'll forgive their presenter Nathan for explaining what a prototype is three times.