Ninja Turtles 'Pizza Thrower' Is Ready, Here's How YOU Can Shoot A Pizza

Here's the first picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Pizza Thrower" truck on its way to Comic-Con where attendees will be able to shoot pizzas (albeit faux to avoid food waste) at targets like Shredder and The Foot Clan. You'd hardly recognize a 2002 Toyota Tacoma under there, right? » 7/23/14 6:50pm 7/23/14 6:50pm

Transformers Star Shia LaBeouf Busted For DUI After Early Morning…

TMZ's reporting Transformers star Shia LaBeouf faces misdemeanor DUI charges after he allegedly made an unsuccessful left turn in front of another car this morning at the corner of La Brea and Fountain in Hollywood. The Ford F-150 he was driving flipped with such force Spike Witwicky's real life counterpart sustained… » 7/27/08 6:21pm 7/27/08 6:21pm

Mazda to Debut Comic Book Series at Comic-Con

Sorry, we mean graphic novel series. Mazda is parterning with Top Cow Comics on a new series of colorful books that use more pictures than words to tell a story (what are they called again?). The series, dubbed "Revved" — a marketing vehicle dreamed up by LA's Spacedog agency — features a Mazda RX-8 in its plotline.… » 7/12/06 1:40pm 7/12/06 1:40pm