Ninja Turtles 'Pizza Thrower' Is Ready, Here's How YOU Can Shoot A Pizza

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Here's the first picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Pizza Thrower" truck on its way to Comic-Con where attendees will be able to shoot pizzas (albeit faux to avoid food waste) at targets like Shredder and The Foot Clan. You'd hardly recognize a 2002 Toyota Tacoma under there, right?

This thing has been shockingly under-photographed for a publicity stunt. I would have thought they'd set up an over-filtered photo shoot as soon as the paint dried on this thing, but apparently it's just getting hustled over to the San Diego Convention Center for the nerds to oogle and shoot bad guys with pizzas.


That's right, got to Comic-Con, go see the Ninja Turtles booth, and they'll let you wield the pizza turret to launch fake (plastic?) pizzas. Might not provide as satisfying of a smoosh as the real deal, but fake pizzas will probably fly better anyway. Plus you won't have to feel like a jerk for wasting food.

As a bonus, I've been promised that there will be free pizza on hand for you to eat if you check out this Turtle truck.


One Pizza Hut's PR guys just fired off this photo from his phone I guess. Well, better than nothing... what do you think?

Image: Pizza Hut