Robert Kirkman will celebrate the 100th issue The Walking Dead with what else but his own zombie killing machine. Based off of a Hyundai Elantra Coupe, this may be the first factory-backed undead combat vehicle the world has seen.

Standard equipment on the "Zombie Survival Machine" includes: a cage around the sunroof to use as a zombie shooting hatch, slotted window armor, off road tires, a C/B radio system, a spiked cow catcher, and, conveniently, a power-opening trunk.

When Hyundai first talked about the car today at a press event, the exec happily promoted their company's partnership with "The Waking Undead." Not everyone watches the new show, apparently.

The customization work is being done by Design Craft and the vehicle will be unveiled at the San Dego Comic Con on July 11th. Until then, you can follow its progress at Hyundai is also going to give away a free five-door Elantra with a vinyl wrap and a kiwi green Tucson as part of the 100th issue promotion.


(Hat tip to McNewbie1!)

Photo Credit: Hyundai USA