This Civic Probably Isn't As Fast As Sonic The Hedgehog, But It Sure Is Cute

All images via Honda

Take a deep breath before you realize that Sonic the Hedgehog turns 25 years old this year, and then let out a sigh of content when you see the cute Honda Civic adorned in a Sonic scheme for the San Diego Comic-Con. With Sonic on the back, it looks ready as ever to rev up and go for some golden rings.

Honda gave the car the catchy—and obvious—name of “Sonic Civic,” according to Autoblog. In addition to the vinyl wrap that features Sonic crouching over the back wheel and spinning his legs behind him, the front and back wheels are different colors—the rear ones are to mimic the red-and-white sneakers that Sonic wears, and the front ones are for those glorious gold rings he spends his life chasing.


It’s a good thing that Sonic is on the car rather than outside of it, because odds are that it couldn’t beat the hedgehog in a race with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. There are no interior images of the car, but according to Autoblog, Honda says it’s adorned in blue leather to keep the Sonic theme going.

There’s no real trunk space either, since the car has a set of subwoofers and amps to go along with its 32-inch television screen that flips up to show Sonic videos that’ll take any ‘90s kid down memory lane. Here are a couple more pictures of the car, for those interested:

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