Spanish Bank Giving Away Free Citroen With New Account

Open a saving account with Spanish bank Banesto and they’ll give you a brand new, all-expenses-paid car. To qualify for a vehicle, a customer needs to lock between $26,400 and $235,000 into an account for at least 24 months, with the type of vehicle offered depending on how much one invests. For $235,000 and 36… » 9/26/08 2:20pm 9/26/08 2:20pm

Aveobots, Roll Out: Chevy Takes Swipe At Transforming Citroen In New…

Whether it's a C4 on top of a parking garage, the same C4 showing off a penchant for ice-skating or a Chinese man just looking to score with the ladies, Citroens like to transform. In fact, so much so they've already been made fun of once before in a faux ad for the 2CV. But now another automaker's getting into the… » 5/18/08 8:30pm 5/18/08 8:30pm

French Cop Nearly Killed By Monte Carlo Winner

Sebastian Loeb piloted his Citroen C4 to his record fifth victory at the Monte Carlo Rallye on Sunday, and we think we know how he managed to shave some seconds off his total time. It takes a little team work, a little luck and a little willingness to take a few risks. In this case, Loeb had to bet that this French… » 1/29/08 10:00am 1/29/08 10:00am