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Aveobots, Roll Out: Chevy Takes Swipe At Transforming Citroen In New Euro Econobox Ad

Whether it's a C4 on top of a parking garage, the same C4 showing off a penchant for ice-skating or a Chinese man just looking to score with the ladies, Citroens like to transform. In fact, so much so they've already been made fun of once before in a faux ad for the 2CV. But now another automaker's getting into the act in a new ad from the brand all about the 'merican revolution in a commercial for the new Kalos-replacing five-door hatchback Aveo econo-box. That's right, Chevy — the very last brand you'd ever expect to be knocking a badge for advertising their love of cars that transform into robots. We're guessing someone at Chevy's ad agency may have forgotten Chevys like to transform too — heck, they even have a toy version of the Aveo named "Swerve." Talk about the heights of hypocrisy. Unless Chevy's just making fun of Citroens for dancing. [via YouTube]


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@FThorn: A lot of the people that own them seem to like them a lot. We've got a black one around here with tinted windows and the cutest little mag wheels I've ever seen ('cept for minilites possibly). It actually looks kind of cool.

But I liked the Metro too so don't listen to me.