Hit-And-Run Driver Caught On Camera At Infamous 11 Foot 8 Bridge

John Oliver Makes America's Crumbling, Underfunded Infrastructure Sexy

America's roads, bridges and dams are slowly crumbling on top of us, and there's no longer enough funding for routine inspection, let alone maintenance, of all this unsexy infrastructure. Enter John Oliver, who tried Sunday night to do for infrastructure repairs what he did last year for net neutrality. » 3/02/15 5:19pm 3/02/15 5:19pm

The Insane Hanging Bridges That Time Forgot 

In retrospect, history's march into the future looks like a smooth catenary arch towards the present. But some technologies don't make it. Sometimes, grand visions of the future only last for a few years—or maybe a few decades. » 2/06/15 6:41pm 2/06/15 6:41pm

What's The Worst Bridge In America?

The Tappan Zee Bridge is, and always has been, a bit of a disaster. Built in the wrong spot, way too old, and perched precariously along a major East Coast transportation artery, it was referred to by a governor's aide as the "hold-your-breath bridge." That's how terrible some bridges are in the United States. » 1/20/15 11:49am 1/20/15 11:49am

Watch A Truck Literally Zip Up The New Median On The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge just got the new median it so desperately needed to prevent head-on collisions, but one neat feature about it is that it moves. Well, not on its own. It needs a truck to do that, and specifically, it needs what's known as a "zipper truck." And it's called that because it makes the median… » 1/14/15 10:49am 1/14/15 10:49am

Watch That Low-Ass Bridge Go Can Opener On A Budget Truck

We've had a dalliance with the surprisingly dangerous beast that is the 11-Foot-8 bridge before, but got-damn, I have never seen a bridge just peel a truck completely open like a can of sardines. » 1/09/15 6:00pm 1/09/15 6:00pm

Most expensive tolls in the United States

Nobody likes paying tolls, but they are a necessary evil. The money from tolls is used to fund the construction of new roadways, as well as maintenance. Unless you live in one of the 22 states that don't collect tolls, or a state where you can get by without owning a car, you have no other choice but to pony up and… » 1/06/15 10:20am 1/06/15 10:20am

Budapest's Elisabeth Bridge Turned 50 Today

The Elisabeth is the third youngest bridge of Budapest, being opened to the public on the 21st of November, 1964. Its load testing was completed with a fleet of Ikarus buses and Ganz UV trams a few weeks earlier. » 11/21/14 2:45pm 11/21/14 2:45pm

Three Years Needed To Clean NYC Bus Terminal's Wretched Bathrooms

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey recently stated it would take three years to upgrade the bathrooms at its bus terminal, the single worst place on earth. It only took four years for them to build the entire fucking George Washington Bridge. » 9/18/14 1:58pm 9/18/14 1:58pm

You'll Never Find The (Unofficial) Oldest Bridge In New York City

The picture above is not, unfortunately, the oldest bridge in New York City. It's a picture of the Manhattan Bridge, arguably the prettiest in the area, under construction in 1909. While that's plenty old, it's still not the oldest bridge in New York. Not by a longshot. And you'll never find it. » 8/09/14 2:30pm 8/09/14 2:30pm

Watch A Bosnian Bridge Get Completely Swept Away By Torrential Floods

Horrific floods have completely submerged parts of Serbia and Bosnia over the past week, deluging the local citizenry with the most rainfall since record keeping began 120 years ago. In many areas, nothing is safe, not even the bridges meant to surmount the highest waters. This one was completely swept away. » 5/18/14 10:19am 5/18/14 10:19am

You Have Never Seen Bridge Construction As Pretty As This

Construction usually only means traffic, and traffic is the bane of all human existence. But add in some good camera work, and it begins to look like a mesmerizing dance of human innovation and engineering. » 4/12/14 11:18am 4/12/14 11:18am

The Ten Most Beautiful Bridges In The World

If we have to cross water or a crazy gaping ravine, we might as well do it in style. These are the ten most eye poppingly gorgeous gap crossings in the world. » 3/14/14 11:10am 3/14/14 11:10am

Here's The Video Of A Driver Doing A Barrel Roll Off An Icy Bridge

Yesterday we saw pictures of an amazing crash where a driver survived after her Ford Ranger did a barrel roll off a bridge and into a lake. Here's the video and it's as nuts as you'd expect. » 1/08/14 10:40am 1/08/14 10:40am

For Just $99, Some Dudes Will Catapult You Off A Bridge

This is the Human Catapult. You can find it on the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia on only one day a year: Bridge Day. And as SB Nation details, it's a catapult that throws BASE jumpers off the bridge. » 11/06/13 12:25pm 11/06/13 12:25pm

Does This Buckling Bridge Hint at Larger US Infrastructural Woes?

Green Bay drivers were treated to an unwelcome surprise yesterday, when the discovery of a dramatically sagging pier on the heavily trafficked Leo Frigo bridge (named after a cheese magnate, because Wisconsin) forced its indefinite closure. The incident coincided with a new AP report about the deteriorating state of… » 9/26/13 4:46pm 9/26/13 4:46pm

America's Bridges Will All Be Falling Down Soon

More than 10 percent of our nation's bridges are structurally deficient and in need of rehabilitation or replacement. » 9/15/13 7:33pm 9/15/13 7:33pm