Allan McNish Expresses His Le Mans Passion, As Only He Can!

And shares his sorrow for F1 racers like Lewis Hamilton! A last-minute cell phone interview with Leo Parente on /SHAKEDOWN gets us a [sincere] typically-Allan answer to "How badly does he wants to win in 2013 to complete his LM24 Hat Trick, to beat Toyota and then do it again in 2014 vs Porsche?" » 6/21/13 5:46pm 6/21/13 5:46pm

How Audi uses race crashes to make cars safer

Dindo Capello's face turns from joyful to terrified. His friends are peppering him with questions, but his eyes are fixed on a video monitor, where a helicopter-borne camera is panning over the scene of an accident. Capello's trying to gain as much information as possible on the health of his friend and Audi teammate,… » 6/17/11 4:30pm 6/17/11 4:30pm