Le Mans Legend Tom Kristensen's House Is Obscenely Cool

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The 2021 Rolex 24 broadcast has been an interesting one for plenty of reasons but in part because the NBC crew has been calling different folks on Zoom to check out their thoughts on the event since they can’t be there in person. And, folks, Tom Kristensen’s house is awesome.


Kristensen is an absolute beast. He holds the record for the most wins ever at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (nine total, with six consecutive wins). He’s an FIA World Endurance Championship winner. He’s won the 12 Hours of Sebring six times. He won the Petit Le Mans. He’s also consistently kicked everyone’s ass in the Race of Champions. Simply put, he’s a badass.

And that sentiment has only grown after he popped in for a chat during the Rolex 24.

Like most other racers, Kristensen has a neat display of his racing mementos in his home to honor both his career and the history of racing altogether. As he conducted his interview with NBC, you could just see a wall lined with one helmet after another, a commemoration of Kristensen’s wins. That, in and of itself, was pretty sweet.

And then this man pans over to a goddamn Audi R18 just chilling in his garage. This multi-million dollar race-winning machine is just hanging out in case Tom ever wants to go reminisce. Audi’s probably got all of its other prototypes locked up somewhere where no one can touch them, and Kristensen can straight up sit in his car any time he wants.


And somehow that wasn’t even all! He pans to another side, and there’s a massive “Christmas tree” made out of all his trophies! He’s got a classic Grand Prix car just hanging out. He’s got race suits, posters, a sim rig, signed photos, and vintage car accoutrements. And that’s only the smallest hint of what he’s got going on in there because there’s only so much you can decipher via a streamed call.


Mr. Kristensen, if you’re reading this: Please do a proper video tour. Maybe even invite me over so I can see it in person. Okay, thank you.

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