A Too-Thin Skid Block Strips Audi Of 6 Hours Of Silverstone Win

Photo Credit: Robert Stokes
Photo Credit: Robert Stokes

A single out-of-compliance part has excluded the overall winner from the World Endurance Championship’s 6 Hours of Silverstone results, reports Sportscar365. The No. 7 Audi R18 had worn its front skid block down to less than the required 20mm minimum thickness.


The too-thin skidplate was found in post-race scrutineering.

This gives the overall and LMP1-H class win to the No. 2 Porsche 919. The No. 6 Toyota TS050 then inherits second place, both overall and in its class.


Because this race was so tough on the WEC’s fastest top class of manufacturer-backed LMP1-Hs, the third place on the overall podium will go to a privateer LMP1: the No. 13 Rebellion R-One AER.

Per Sportscar365, Audi has the opportunity to appeal this decision. In the meantime, this is quite a bizarre way to start the WEC season.

UPDATE: According to Daily Sportscar, Audi did not submit an appeal, and official results have already been posted. The exclusion stands as is.

UPDATE #2 [8:07 p.m.]: Contrary to the previous report that said Audi will not appeal the decision, Sportscar365 editor John Dagys just tweeted that Audi will lodge an appeal to the WEC:


Either way, we’ll have more information as this story develops.

UPDATE #3 [8:12 p.m.]: It’s official, Audi is appealing, per a statement released by the team:

Audi Sport Team Joest has appealed against the exclusion of winners Marcel Fässler/André Lotterer/Benoît Tréluyer. Hence the result of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season opener remains provisional.

The Stewards of the Meeting received a report from the Technical Delegate explaining that the thickness of the front skid block of car no. 7 doesn’t comply with article 3.5.6 a3 of the LMP1 Technical Regulations. Audi Sport Team Joest has appealed the decision to exclude the number 7 car from the results. Hence the race result will depend on the decision of a sport tribunal.


We’ll be on the lookout for the results of that tribunal and have them as soon as they’re ready.

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Appeal? If the skid block is too thin, then it's too thin. What's to appeal?