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Audi R18 Ate Wall After Contact With Ford GT, Only Took 8 Minutes To Repair

GIF via MYiPhone

During tonight’s 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas, the No. 66 Ford GT got into the rear of the No. 7 Audi, knocking its front end into the barriers. It happened in the turn 16-17-18 complex, a high-speed big bend of a section and the onboard view does not look fun.

Here’s a better version of the onboard view:


That’s one fast snap out of control. Thank goodness for soft walls!

It came limping back into the pits after it was pulled out with flopping front bodywork and a punctured tire.

Of course, because it’s the most hyper-organized Audi team on the planet, the No. 7 has already been put back together after only an 8 minute stop and is back on the track. All that repair practice they talk about in Truth in 24 works, man.

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At the 2008 1000km of Monza Dindo Capello’s R10 FLIPPED resulting in major damage. The Audi team had it back out in under 15 minutes. (Go to 17:55)