I Am Not A Very Good Drinker

"The beer is supposed to be green, and we can't legally sell it" the bartender explains as he pours. This inevitably leads to me proving you can travel in the back of a Nissan 350Z and why I probably shouldn't. » 9/23/10 12:30pm 9/23/10 12:30pm

Nissan's BRE 370Z Unveiled At Road Atlanta

Nissan's 40th-Anniversary 370Z BRE — as in Brock Racing Enterprises — Edition was unveiled last night at the Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta. Did we mention how much we love John Morton? [AutoTrader Classics] » 4/30/10 1:00pm 4/30/10 1:00pm

The Forum Wars TV: Let the Internet Whining Continue

The Forum Wars is the show that puts two different nerdy forum posters car guys from different automotive forums to do battle on the track. Let's see if they can drive like they type. » 4/17/10 2:30pm 4/17/10 2:30pm

Forum Wars Prepares To Settle Online Mustang-vs-350Z Battle Once and…

You've read 10 billion bombastic claims on car forums, and it's all been pretty much meaningless… until now. "The Forum Wars" will take those claims and put them on the real-world race track. Check out the tire-smoking, smack-talking trailer! » 3/28/10 2:00pm 3/28/10 2:00pm

Ruined 350Z Finally Put Right

Remember the 350Z seemingly ruined by a bodykit installed with woodscrews and bondo? A year and a full makeover later, Jalopnik reader Brian Gee now has a slick photoshoot to show off the Z he always wanted. » 2/05/10 2:30pm 2/05/10 2:30pm

Nissan 350Z Teeters On Guard Rail After Snowy Crash

We knew the Nissan 350Z was a well balanced car, but this accident on the snowy roads of New York illustrates that fact in remarkably dramatic fashion. (Hat Tip To Eric) » 12/31/09 2:30pm 12/31/09 2:30pm

Scandalously Ruined 350Z Finally Reborn

Ever read about the 350Z ruined after a shop installed a bodykit with wood screws and bondo? The owner's finally made it right with new bodywork, new paint and a new shop. That camber is on the "to do" list. » 12/08/09 4:00pm 12/08/09 4:00pm

What Happens If You Blow A Tire At 217 MPH?

The Silver State Classic is coming up next month; let's take a look back at one of the fastest crashes ever when Daijiro Inada blew a tire at over 200 MPH. Poor Nissan. » 8/31/09 3:30pm 8/31/09 3:30pm

How To Put Your Kids To Sleep With A Nissan 350Z

In a quest to find the most sleep-inducing engine note, we begin with Nissan’s VQ35DE V6, as installed in a 350Z. Let’s see what happens. » 5/12/09 8:30am 5/12/09 8:30am

Nissan 370Z Spotted Hiding Undercover In New Need For Speed Trailer

Even though the Nissan 370Z » 10/13/08 10:40am 10/13/08 10:40am hasn't been officially revealed yet, it hasn't stopped it from showing up in a trailer for the upcoming video game . The game is due out next month, right about when the car is expected to be unveiled at the . From all the other we've seen, this car definitely looks like the 370Z, though…

2010 Nissan 370Z?

The always strange looking Vince Burlapp at the always blogasmic The Hollywood Extra (as well as the off-road-loving boys at the 4WheelsBlog have a scan up of what they're claiming is the 2010 Nissan 370Z. The shot looks very similar to the shots we've already seen out of Japan's Best Car magazine of the replacement… » 5/14/08 8:30am 5/14/08 8:30am

Carjacking At Sheriff's Office Is Never A Good Idea

Frank Singleton could be classified as ingenious, or an idiot, but likely the latter. Singleton was released from jail after serving time on a misdemeanor trespassing charge. Immediately after release, Singleton attempted to carjack a lady and take her 2006 Nissan 350Z from the jail parking lot. It didn't work out so… » 3/26/08 2:15pm 3/26/08 2:15pm

Nissan 370Z Coming To L.A. Auto Show?

Just in case you think the current 3.5L Z-car is a bit down on power, Nissan is said to be slotting the 3.7L V6 from the Infiniti G37 into the next generation replacement for the 350Z. Word is the forthcoming 370Z will now be coming to the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Sources also say that the new Z will be… » 2/08/08 10:45am 2/08/08 10:45am

Your Worst Beat?

I was at a red light today in the left lane. I had about a quarter mile before I entered the freeway on my right. As I was about to switch lanes, a silver 350Z banged past me. I of course floored it and got behind him. The on ramp is nice, tight 270 degree beaut. Tight enough that above 35 mph your tires squeal. On… » 8/01/07 12:00pm 8/01/07 12:00pm

Spy Photos: What Th'... Smaller Nissan Coupe?

What's this, then? Could it be Nissan's parading the chassis of a smaller sports car under a shortened 350Z? Remember, Autocar says the House of Ghosn is working on a production model of its Urge concept. So many perhapses, not enough absolutelys. » 6/13/07 7:40am 6/13/07 7:40am

Sporty News: Hot Nissans Are Nigh

Since around the time Neil Armstrong hit the moon, Nissan's been taunting us with the coming Skyline GT-R, a would-be 911 Turbo tackler for half the price. But Autocar says it's not the only rear-driver in the pipeline. Word is Nissan's working on a production version of the Urge concept, that half car, half XBox… » 6/08/07 7:14am 6/08/07 7:14am

New York Auto Show: 2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z

We swung by the Nissan booth for another look at the Nismo 350Z's plastic fantastic add ons and various motorsporting sundries. But c'mon, aesthetes, it's all functional, says Nissan. We tried to sneak underneath to snap some shots of the NISMO-tuned multilink suspension, to no avail. Next time we're bringing an… » 4/05/07 5:19pm 4/05/07 5:19pm

NISMO! Factory Tuner Nissan 350Z Coming to the New York Show

Nissan's kicking out its in-house tuner 350Z, the 2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z, at the New York auto show next week. The Nissan Motorsports tweak job includes a body kit, Brembo speed-reduction clamps and a handling package. It'll come with six-speed only (sorry, mom) and will go on sale in July '07. If it looks familiar,… » 3/29/07 5:50pm 3/29/07 5:50pm

Big in Japan: Fairlady Z Version Nismo

Effective immediately, there's a higher spec Nissan Fairlady Z (that's Japan's 350Z) tuned by Nissan Motorsports in the land of Nihon. Nismo's given the Z a few tweaks to provide extra body stiffness, better cornering and more downforce. Power's still the same, at 313 hp for the JDM model, which makes a… » 1/12/07 7:26am 1/12/07 7:26am