Your Worst Beat?

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I was at a red light today in the left lane. I had about a quarter mile before I entered the freeway on my right. As I was about to switch lanes, a silver 350Z banged past me. I of course floored it and got behind him. The on ramp is nice, tight 270 degree beaut. Tight enough that above 35 mph your tires squeal. On the initial turn in, I gained a car length. Then, just past the apex, this hoon hung his rear out (causing me to hit the brakes), got pointed straight at the freeway and BLAMO! He was off. As you really can't break the WRX's grip on dry land, I was cooked. But that's not my worst beat. A few years ago I came upon a red light and an E46 M3 on Sunset Blvd. It was around midnight and I was stupid enough to rev my engine. I had him for maybe 12 feet. Then the shame showed up. You?


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I was driving my stock SE-R up Henry Drive, 2 lanes each way plus a left turn lane, and beside me pulls up a GSR-swapped Civic (it was a full-on swap, he had 5-bolt rims). We both floored it on the green, and raced light-to-light for a while. I would edge him out each time because he was short-shifting due to a mis-calibrated tach. Eventually we got to a nice long straight with a red light. He looked across his gurlfriend's lap at me and said "last one?" I nodded and looked back at the light. It turned green and I stabbed it. I was sitting in a puddle of oily water from someone's a/c and couldn't hook up. He smoked me.