Sporty News: Hot Nissans Are Nigh

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Since around the time Neil Armstrong hit the moon, Nissan's been taunting us with the coming Skyline GT-R, a would-be 911 Turbo tackler for half the price. But Autocar says it's not the only rear-driver in the pipeline. Word is Nissan's working on a production version of the Urge concept, that half car, half XBox thing with holes in the doors Nissan showed off at the 2006 Detroit show. We're betting the showroom model, which AC says is a UK-based operation, will be watertight. But there's reportedly one more sports car in Ghosn's pipeline. It's a refreshed Z. Internally dubbed the Z34, the new 350Z could see daylight as the 370Z, considering it'll likely take the new 3.7-liter, 330 horsepower V6 found in sibling Infiniti models. As far as looks go, like the G-cars, the next Z will be an evolution of the current car, rather than an all new design direction. Judging only on what Infiniti was able to do with the updated Gs, the new Z has a good shot at being gorgeous. And that should provide ample counterpoint for the Robotech Skyline.


More on the Urge: Nissan's Concept for Videogame Junkies; Embracing the Urge: Nissan's Detroit Concept in Pictures [internal]

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Nissan Urge. "I've got the URGE!"

If those make their way to the commercials, I may firebomb a Nissan dealer.