Remember the 350Z seemingly ruined by a bodykit installed with woodscrews and bondo? A year and a full makeover later, Jalopnik reader Brian Gee now has a slick photoshoot to show off the Z he always wanted.

Brian's experience created an epic 96-page thread on, eventually leading to a lawsuit against the Los Angeles-area shop IDesign/Import Image.



Let's let Brian describe all this in his own words:

The shop owner was a good friend of my good friend (yeah, I know...first red flag) and his business was really slow at the time. Earlier that week, my car was damaged on the freeway. Another car kicked up a wooden block and it damaged the OEM sideskirt under the passenger door. Rather than pay $300+ for an unpainted OEM replacement, I figured I would buy an aftermarket body kit that wasn't very aggressive (another red flag) and get that painted and installed. So, after getting the body kit, I thought I'd take it to him and get it installed and then spread the word on the internet about his good work. And here we are today.

Second of all, I know the style isn't for everyone. But let me present it not very different from muscle car guys pouring all of their money into their motors and not working on the suspension and tires to keep that power on the ground? Or from the muscle car guys putting chrome all over the engine, wheels, and trim and paint, but nothing else? It's all different styling. It's not what I like, but I certainly respect it.