The Forum Wars is the show that puts two different nerdy forum posters car guys from different automotive forums to do battle on the track. Let's see if they can drive like they type.

Each episode of The Forum Wars, presented by Royal Purple, starts off with both drivers talking smack about each other's rides. Then it's put up or shut up time on a drag strip and a road course in front of the cameras. Teasers of the episodes have been airing on the Speed Channel with full episodes viewable online at


I had the honor of being on Episode 1 driving my friend Steve Kuhtz's 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT as a representative for up against a So-Cal drifter in a Nissan 350Z representing Steve had his Shelby prepped for SCCA Pro Solo competition while the Z was prepped for drifting, or maybe just for looking cool in a Starbucks parking lot, I wasn't sure until the race actually started.


SPOILER ALERT! I crushed the Z to the ultra-disappointment of the fanboys on who have been pissing and moaning 24/7 since the episode first aired two weeks ago. Their endless internet excuses cover everything from the earth's gravity on the day of the race to the fact that we used Hoosier Tires. The 350Z crowd is arguing DOT racing tires weren't the "intent" of the rules. This argument entertains me endlessly as I don't care what the "intent" of the rules are, I only care what they specifically say. The rules clearly stated "DOT tires" were required so we brought super-sticky-wicked-fast DOT Hoosier tires and jammed them up the ass of The only thing I had "intent" to do was to win.

Since I write the Racer Boy column for Speed:Sport:Life I certainly didn't want to lose a race on the Speed Channel. Did I stack the odds in my favor with some pre-race preparation? Eh, probably. Isn't that how Penske won something like 1,700 Indy 500s? Yup. Losing races? That just ain't good for business, folks.


The second epiosode of The Forum Wars is more like a Viagra commercial for two old dudes who can afford cars they really can't drive. Check out their episode where a Camaro takes on a Challenger. When that six minute show ends it will automatically roll into the Mustang vs. 350Z episode that Z owners are trying very hard to forget at

Photos by Jeff Balliet