How I Almost Went Insane Choosing My Next Car 

“What car should I buy?” As enthusiasts, we get this question all the time. Everyday I help people decide what to buy, but when it came to choose the next ride for myself, it was a much more difficult process. I almost lost my mind figuring out what I wanted, so I had my wife make the decision for me. »5/04/15 9:57am5/04/15 9:57am

One Thing You Should Ask The VW Dealer Before Driving Your New GTI

Yes, two of us have bought 2015 Volkswagen GTIs. But when I picked up my three-door (S in carbon steel) earlier this year, something wasn’t right. The front suspension was disturbingly stiff, crashing over bumps and sending a massive shock through the chassis. My first new car – ever – was broken. And then Tom sent me… »4/22/15 3:23pm4/22/15 3:23pm

The 2015 VW GTI Might Be Making Significantly More Power Than Advertised

Yesterday, I received an update on the new GTI I ordered back in October - "Will be built week 10." So I won't be having hot-hatch fun until sometime in March. This morning, I caught some news that make the wait a little easier. It turns out VW may be seriously sandbagging the output claims on the MK7 GTI. »2/04/15 12:07pm2/04/15 12:07pm

Consumer Reports Just Trashed The 2015 Volkswagen GTI

The Volkswagen GTI is one of those cars that's met with near-universal acclaim in the automotive press whenever a new one comes out. Almost everyone loves to praise its handling, its practicality, its usable everyday power, and its budget-Audi interior. Everyone except Consumer Reports, that is. They're pretty meh on… »7/19/14 12:46pm7/19/14 12:46pm

The 2015 VW GTI Is Best Car To Get If You Can't Afford Every Car

As a young person who isn't the scion of a wealthy energy drink family and didn't invent Snapchat, I can afford, maybe, .89 new cars. I still want the fastest car I can buy, but I need something with more space than a Miata, that's efficient, that I can park. The 2015 VW GTI continues to be the best car I can buy. »5/15/14 1:20pm5/15/14 1:20pm