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It turns out safety issues, recalls and stop-sale orders aren't just for General Motors vehicles. Who'da thunk it? Volkswagen has confirmed it has ordered dealers to stop selling about 800 2015 Volkswagen GTI models over a suspension issue.


Volkswagen of America spokesman Mark Gillies confirmed to Jalopnik that about 800 cars currently on dealer lots are being pulled due to the potential for the front stabilizer link fasteners to become loose. If this happens it could affect the GTI's steering, Gillies said.


No crashes, fires or injuries have been reported, he said, and Volkswagen plans to notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the issue. Current owners of the new car will get a notice in the mail about a recall. Volkswagen will replace the front stabilizer links at no charge.

Gillies said that some cars currently on dealer lots are not affected by this issue, presumably because they have the corrected parts installed already.

Has anyone bought the new GTI and/or encountered this issue?

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