Consumer Reports Just Trashed The 2015 Volkswagen GTI

The Volkswagen GTI is one of those cars that's met with near-universal acclaim in the automotive press whenever a new one comes out. Almost everyone loves to praise its handling, its practicality, its usable everyday power, and its budget-Audi interior. Everyone except Consumer Reports, that is. They're pretty meh on the new GTI.


CR's latest Talking Cars video review delivers one of the most surprising takes on the GTI — or any GTI — that I've ever seen. And they don't call out it over for its infotainment system, or because older Golfs have been about as reliable as a parent with a drug habit.

They just think it's boring to drive.

"It's not that big a deal," editor Mike Quincy says. "You take out the GTI's steering wheel, the GTI badging and put me in it, and I think 'This is a redesigned Golf.' There's nothing sporty about this car."

He adds: "It just felt like a garden-variety Golf." He says it's too quiet and not enough fun. Damn. A GTI that isn't fun to drive? I kind of have a hard time believing that.

Quincy's colleagues say that the new GTI is extremely refined, grown-up, less edgy than its predecessors, not unlike what happened to the 2014 Mini Cooper. But one adds that the car's steering is so numb and artificial it's "embarrassing." Most say they'd rather have a Ford Fiesta ST instead.


It's surprising to hear all this, but I can't weigh in because I haven't driven the new GTI yet. It's high on my to-do list, though.

I would argue that a lot of people buy the GTI because it's grown-up and refined and not as edgy as some of its competitors. If you don't want a boy racer's hot hatch, this car is extremely appealing.


Any 2015 GTI drivers out there with a different take than Consumer Reports?

Hat tip to VincentvanCabrioW in Oppo!



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