Photographing Supercars with Weird, Old Cameras

Bored of the deluge of perfect photographs pouring out of motor shows? We’ve taken some old and strange film cameras to Geneva to show you another side of cars. Well, of supercars anyway. » 3/11/10 10:00am 3/11/10 10:00am

Ferrari 599XX Gets Up Close And Personal In New Glam Shots

Is your day feeling down? In need of a fast fix of Italian? Then these newly released images of the harder, faster, track-ready 2010 Ferrari 599XX should suffice. Consider yourself properly livened up. » 5/01/09 6:45pm 5/01/09 6:45pm

Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV Drifts Into Our Hearts

The recently introduced Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV gets heartily abused slideways in this awesome promo vid by the naughty boys in Sant'Agata. We hear that nuns everywhere are getting excited over this raging bull. » 3/13/09 2:01pm 3/13/09 2:01pm

So, What's It Gonna Take To Get You Into A New TT RS Today, Mr.…

(Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, shown next to an Audi TT RS, made a surprise visit to the Geneva Motor Show. — Audi PR) » 3/06/09 8:30am 3/06/09 8:30am

RUF Dakara: A Porsche Cayenne That Looks Like A Porsche

Here's something you don't see often: a tuner car more faithful to a brand image than the product it's based on. Somehow the Porsche Cayenne-based RUF Dakara manages attractive, round 911-style headlights. » 3/05/09 4:00pm 3/05/09 4:00pm

Mansory Veyron LINEA Vincerò: Carbon Fiber, Polished Aluminum And…

Tuesday, we gave you a single image and press release on the Mansory Veyron LINEA Vincerò. That's not nearly enough on this priceless (literally) special edition Veyron. Here's the whole shebang. » 3/05/09 1:00pm 3/05/09 1:00pm

2009 Geneva Motor Show: The Movie!

We've shown you the booth professionals, the concept cars and all our day one galleries. But now, witness the 2009 Geneva Motor Show as you've never seen it before. Benny Hill soundtrack? No extra charge. » 3/04/09 5:30pm 3/04/09 5:30pm

Protoscar LAMPO: AWD Solar-Powered Electric Roadster Fun

The Protoscar LAMPO electric car comes equipped with a sunny top-down spirit to match its "solar-powered" batteries. Just try not to get sunburn from the solar hype. » 3/04/09 4:30pm 3/04/09 4:30pm

Citroën May Build GTbyCITROËN Concept

We drove the GTbyCITROËN concept last year in Paris, but only in digital form. According to AutoCar, Citroën now plans to build it. We may have to move to France. » 3/04/09 3:30pm 3/04/09 3:30pm

The Ferrari 599’s Archways of Aerodynamics

Three years after its Geneva introduction, the 599 GTB Fiorano is in bloom with a track special and a performance upgrade. We are happy to report its most graceful piece of aerodynamics remains unchanged. » 3/04/09 1:00pm 3/04/09 1:00pm

Tata Nano Europa: A Cheap Car Gets Less Cheap For Europe

The tiny and fascinating Tata Nano will supposedly go on sale at the end of this month in India, but this didn't stop CEO Ratan Tata from previewing an "upscale" model for the European market. » 3/04/09 11:00am 3/04/09 11:00am

Renault Sport Mégane RS: Nous Vous Aimons Dans Jaune

Renault has a history of building some fairly taut sporting versions of regular production econo-hatchbacks. The Renault Sport Mégane RS is no exception to the rule, bringing 250 turbocharged horses to the table. » 3/04/09 8:00am 3/04/09 8:00am

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept: Cross Our Heart, Hope It Dies

After a nearly 18 year absence, the Lagonda has finally returned. Aston Martin revealed the new Lagonda Concept today at the Geneva Motor Show and it's...a crossover?? » 3/04/09 7:30am 3/04/09 7:30am

RUF eRuf Greenster Electric Porsche Zaps Geneva

You're probably asking what RUF is thinking, developing an electric sports car, but remember way back when you asked the same thing about that small startup in Silicon Valley. RUF might be onto something. » 3/04/09 6:30am 3/04/09 6:30am

2009 Geneva Motor Show: Day One

Judging by the concepts and production cars making their debuts in Geneva this week, the auto industry hasn't noticed the Carpocalypse, bringing out supercars, exotics and mega luxury vehicles. Here's everything from day one. » 3/04/09 12:01am 3/04/09 12:01am

Geneva Booth Professionals: Swiss Miss Edition

The world's most compact capital never fails to impress and this year's Geneva Motor Show managed to cram a few new titillating models onto the show floor. Oh yeah... and the cars were nice too. » 3/03/09 5:30pm 3/03/09 5:30pm

Top 11 Concept Cars Of The 2009 Geneva Motor Show

The 2009 Geneva Motor Show's overwhelmed us with hi-tech, futuristic concept cars. Our Swiss friend Gehard the Bookie makes sense of it all by giving us the odds of these rolling testbeds seeing production. » 3/03/09 4:00pm 3/03/09 4:00pm

Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire: Papa Smurf Gets A Brand New Ride

Bugatti took the wraps off the blue-as-bleu-can-be special edition Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire today at the Geneva Motor Show. We showed you the exclusive first and second shots, now we've got these high-resolution press photos. » 3/03/09 1:20pm 3/03/09 1:20pm