Will Ford's New GT Live Up To Its Predecessors? - AFTER/DRIVE

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, Zac and Mike join host Mike Spinelli to determine whether the new GT will be the raw, race-bred driving experience like our '66 GT40, or suffer from the driving nannies that plague so many modern supercars today. » 2/11/15 11:55am 2/11/15 11:55am

Watch This And Learn How To Drive A GT40

What is the coolest car currently for sale on Craigslist?

Who doesn't love having an excuse to scan Craigslist for future project car hell material? In the world of the automotive obsessed, we're going to assume the answer is no one. This weekend we are keeping it simple, we want to see what you think is the most desirable vehicle currently for sale on everyone's favorite… » 11/12/11 5:00pm 11/12/11 5:00pm

1966 Galaxie 500 R code is one rare full size Ford

In 1966 if you wanted all the space and luxury of a full size Ford with plenty of muscle, an R code Galaxie 500 was the car for you. Although a Galaxie with a 425 horsepower 427 V8 is pretty appealing 45 years later, it wasn't a very popular combination when new. » 11/05/11 11:00am 11/05/11 11:00am

1966 Ford Bronco was a rough, tough, go anywhere sports car

According to Ford, their better late than never competitor to the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Scout wasn't just another SUV, it was a four wheel drive sports car. Everywhere it went, the new for 1966 Bronco was blazing a trail of excitement. » 9/10/11 11:00am 9/10/11 11:00am

A 'bird in the bush

Hidden deep in the overgrowth is likely where this 1966 Thunderbird will stay for some time. If they all looked like this we'd say a ‘bird in the garage is worth 20 in the bush. (Photo Credit: TheGiantVermin) » 3/20/11 12:30pm 3/20/11 12:30pm

1966 Monaco is the biggest artillery of the Dodge rebellion

For 1966 Dodge unleashed a full advertising campaign detailing the Dodge Rebellion. Although we aren't sure exactly what Dodge was rebelling against, it involved secret meetings, Dodge Monacos and the very 60s blonde spokeswoman of the rebellion. Sign us up. » 2/05/11 9:00am 2/05/11 9:00am

The First Tuner Mustang

It was 46 years ago last Thursday when the world was introduced to the first tuner mustang, the 1965 Shelby GT350 (1966 pictured). The GT350 was the first Mustang produced by an aftermarket company like Shelby. (Photo Credit: aldenjewell) » 1/29/11 2:00pm 1/29/11 2:00pm

Out With The Bad Engine...

After getting my Project Van Hell '66 Dodge A100 last weekend, I was a bit apprehensive about removing its rod-knockitty engine through the doors. I've done plenty of engine swaps, but never out of a mid-engined van. No problem! » 9/25/10 1:00pm 9/25/10 1:00pm

Stolen Mustang Returned After 35 Years

LA Daily News publisher Jack Klunder had the 1966 Mustang bought by his father stolen from a college parking lot in 1974. Late last year, the California Highway Patrol called him to report they'd found it. (H/T to bigleggedwoman!) [DailyNews] » 9/24/10 9:15am 9/24/10 9:15am

1966 Dodge Sportsman Hell Project Begins: Hide The Metric Tools!

With some help from Rambler Marlin-racin' Cadillac Bob and his trailer, my latest Hell Project has now arrived in the garage. Once I started taking stuff apart, I got a vivid reminder of how incredibly uncomplicated Detroit trucks once were. » 9/18/10 11:00am 9/18/10 11:00am

What Paint Job Would Be Best For a Custom Dodge A100 Sportsman?

I haven't yet figured out how I'll paint my latest Project Van Hell acquisition, which means I need to do some serious brainstorming. You can help! » 9/11/10 1:00pm 9/11/10 1:00pm

Because Life Without a Custom Van Isn't Worth Living!

With the 20R Sprite project awaiting its new rear suspension at Evil Genius Racing and a lot of unused parking space at my new home in Denver, I was feeling the Project Car Hell Jones something terrible! » 9/11/10 11:00am 9/11/10 11:00am

1966 Volkswagen Transporter

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the City That Rust Sorta Ignored: Denver, Colorado. Remember the Veggie Tales Fiat 500? Here's a Transporter that parks on the same block. » 7/25/10 9:00am 7/25/10 9:00am

How Not To Sell Your Car On Craigslist

You've got a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 you need to sell, and so you break out the camera and start shooting some photos. You need to let buyers know what they're getting, so what do you photograph? » 6/20/10 1:00pm 6/20/10 1:00pm

Black Primer, 283 Small-Block: Chevelle's European Cousin Speaks German…

The Opel Admiral A and the Chevrolet Chevelle aren't close relatives, but our Czech friend and Tatra reviewer BobAsh drives one that wouldn't look (or sound) out of place doing gnarly burnouts in the Dairy Queen parking lot. » 3/20/10 1:00pm 3/20/10 1:00pm

DOTS Volvo Amazon Looks Crusher In The Eye, Crusher Blinks First!

Last summer, we saw this Down On The Street honoree VW Squareback get towed away and offered at auction. The penalty for attracting zero bidders? The Crusher! » 12/26/09 1:00pm 12/26/09 1:00pm

Chaparrals In Nevada, Toranas In New South Wales: Stardust Grand Prix…

Scroggs just keeps finding us the great vintage racing videos! How about the final race in Can Am's first season, followed by the Hardie-Ferodo 1000 at Bathurst? » 12/12/09 6:00pm 12/12/09 6:00pm

The 22-Year Saga of Mr Belvedere, Sawzall Convertible Sedan!

Many of us have looked at a beat-to-hell sedan, then reached for the Sawzall and created an open-air summer cruiser. Then, when the weather turns cold/rainy, it gets junked. But if you're Belvedere Adrian, you keep driving it for decades! » 12/12/09 5:00pm 12/12/09 5:00pm

1966 Plymouth Barracuda Down On The New York Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Another New York City find from Voodoojoo! » 11/29/09 4:30pm 11/29/09 4:30pm