For 1966 Dodge unleashed a full advertising campaign detailing the Dodge Rebellion. Although we aren't sure exactly what Dodge was rebelling against, it involved secret meetings, Dodge Monacos and the very 60s blonde spokeswoman of the rebellion. Sign us up.

Introduced in September of 1964 for the 1965 model year, the Dodge Monaco was initially designed to compete in the personal luxury car segment. A year later, in 1966 the Monaco became the Dodge's all around full size luxury car available in a variety of body configurations. The Monaco 500 shown in this classic advertisement was available only as a two door pillar less hardtop.


In 1966 Dodge decided to market their Monaco along with their other offerings as implements of the "Dodge Rebellion". Who Dodge was rebelling against or why remains unknown, but the propaganda of the cause, like the ad seen here, remains very amusing. During the "Secret Meeting" we find out why the Monaco 500 was advertised as the model with "posh, power and pizzazz".

Although not alive during the time of the original Dodge rebellion I can attest that the 1966 Monaco 500 is actually everything the advertisement claims. I spent some time behind the wheel of a black 1966 Monaco 500 a few years back when it was owned by a family. This week I stumbled across that exact car for sale on Craigslist, reminding me of the Dodge Rebellion ads and the joy of driving the Monaco. Considering how to justify repurchasing the Monaco this week, it was made very clear that it is now I that want the 1966 Dodge Rebellion, instead of the other way around.

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