What Paint Job Would Be Best For a Custom Dodge A100 Sportsman?

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I haven't yet figured out how I'll paint my latest Project Van Hell acquisition, which means I need to do some serious brainstorming. You can help!

I'll probably keep the existing two-tone paint scheme, though with more vivid colors. Big murals are out, because this is a non-molester-grade window van, but there's still room for pinstripes, flames, portraits of Enver Hoxha, etc. So here's what you do: grab the crude coloring-book-style line drawing above and use your crazy Photoshop skilz to come up with the ultimate A100 paint job, then send me what you've got. The winner will get some glory and— if the suggested paint scheme is so inspired that I might actually apply it to my van— maybe even one of these nice car-porn hardbacks Motorbooks keeps sending me to review.

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Actually, Murilee, the color scheme that it's already rocking is perfect in my opinion. If I were customizing a van like that, I would do my best to keep everything vintage-looking, while trying to introduce as much modern technology under the skin as I possibly could.

And now, Murilee, you've totally made me want a Chevrolet Corvair Greenbriar Sportwagon, pictured above.