Why CPO when you buy a Used Car? This is Why. (Updated)

I started my car up the other day and it ran a little rough. I turned it off, let it sit for a bit and restarted it and everything was just fine. This morning, on the other hand, it started up and was running rough again. Fortunately I have an Automatic code reader in my car and it revealed the code indicating… » 11/01/14 5:30pm 11/01/14 5:30pm

2009 BMW 135i, Part Three

Why you should buy the 2009 BMW 135i: » 9/12/08 1:30pm 9/12/08 1:30pm You like the idea of a driver’s car, but you don’t really like driving that much. You heard the 135i was car to drive this fall. You’re a life-long BMW fan and you have a penchant for blinders. You’re a badge snob. You’re all of the above and you really don’t have an eye for a…

2009 BMW 135i, Part Two

Exterior Design: **** » 9/11/08 4:00pm 9/11/08 4:00pm Easily the best-looking Bangle BMW, the excels in proportion, if not in detail. Straight from the front, there’s little indication of the 135i’s purpose, but from there back it’s classic BMW two-door updated for the 21st century. Restraint and simplicity do the 135i’s interior many favors.…

2009 BMW 135i, Part One

Perhaps more than any other car in its range, the 2009 BMW 135i » 9/10/08 4:00pm 9/10/08 4:00pm carries the weight of customer expectation on its shoulders. Supposedly the antithesis to the soft, the bloated and overcomplicated cars dominating BMW's range for the majority of this decade, people want the 135i to herald a return to the simple,…

$55,000 "Projekt1" BMW 135i Takes Gold In Dealer-Installed Optioning

If Classic BMW of Plano, Texas endeavored to build the most optioned BMW 135i » 8/22/08 4:20pm 8/22/08 4:20pm ever, we think they were successful with this . We were only able to up-option a 1-series to but the clever mechanics at Classic are just better at this than we are. Starting with an already loaded 1-series with an MSRP of $42,900, the…

HARTGE Gives BMW 1-Series The Carbon Fiber It Was Missing

We can imagine that tuners have been anxious to start hawking their gear for the 2008 BMW 1-Series as the car has a lot of potential and lacks an "M" version. HARTGE, which also tunes the hatch version, has their first round of offerings available and they include the expected wheel/tire combinations, an adjustable… » 3/13/08 1:30pm 3/13/08 1:30pm

AC Schnitzer Takes On The 1-Series With The ACS1 3.5i

The tuners of all things BMW and Land Rover have taken on the new BMW 1-series coupé with what they're calling the ACS1 3.5i. AC Schnitzer's tunage is highlighted by — a "Turbo logo on the front spoiler." OK, they've done much more than that, but that's what the release starts out with so we couldn't just leave it… » 11/29/07 8:00am 11/29/07 8:00am

BMW 1-Series & Mini Clubman Prices Announced

The guys over at Kicking Tires have the scoop on pricing today, with announcements for both the BMW 1-Series and Mini Clubman. BMW's Mini Clubman is going to start out just under the $20K mark at $19,950 for the stock version (before all the real charges) and $23,450 for the turbocharged Clubman S. That's a premium of… » 11/15/07 4:30pm 11/15/07 4:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW 1-Series

From the old BMW 2002 reborn with a 300 horsepower twin-turbo inline six department comes the new BMW 1-Series 135i Coupe. Flame surfacing denies any retro styling from resurfacing, but the rear-wheel drive and 300 foot pounds of torque is something that gets our vote. The little turbo spools up and starts delivering… » 9/12/07 1:30pm 9/12/07 1:30pm

BMW 1-Series Coming to US Spring 2008

Whether or not you think the new BMW 1-Series is the spiritual successor to the beloved 2002, or just a message of false hope from Munich, the car's entry date is set. BMW 128i fan site, ahem, BMW128i.com, procured two images from a BMW Flash page. The slideshow compares the coming 1er to the 1968 BMW 2002, and… » 7/18/07 1:00pm 7/18/07 1:00pm

How Many Jalopnik Readers Are Going To Buy A BMW 135i?

Look, stop whining about the no diesel option or lack of body styles and concentrate on what's important. The 135i has the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline motivator that BMW conservatively rates at 300 hp. Actual numbers are higher, most likely in the 330 hp range. The 335i weighs a portly 3,660 lbs. and still… » 7/03/07 12:45pm 7/03/07 12:45pm

Ford Is Readying A Trio Of Twin-Turbo Engines

Looks like BMW isn't the only new twin-turbo sheriff in town. Back during the Detroit Show we hipped you to the knowledge that FoMoCo was readying a "twin-force" V6 good for over 400 hp that would be showing up in a Lincoln flagship. Not good enough for Mulally, apparently. Turns out that Dearborn is actually… » 7/02/07 2:00pm 7/02/07 2:00pm

Oh My: BMW 135i B-Roll Video

If you weren't the least bit psyched at the thought of a small BMW coupe with 300 horsepower, check out the official BMW B-roll footage of the 135i, courtesy of Carscoop. Just try not to entertain visions of dual-lane switchback and long, smooth straights seen from the windshield of this little, rear-drive bugger.… » 7/02/07 12:16pm 7/02/07 12:16pm

The 2008 BMW 1-Series Coming To America, Now With Official Press Photos!

The 2008 BMW 1-Series coupe has been officially, though somewhat anticlimactically, released. Considering most of the specs and details of the new four-seater rear-drive coupe have made their way online this past week, we're surprised the BMW PR team has anything else to talk about. But they've found a few things,… » 7/01/07 11:00am 7/01/07 11:00am

Spy Photos: BMW 135ti

Entering the hot-hatch space later in 2007 (though it's not quite a hatch), is the BMW 135ti — considerable bait for European hoons of the small-car persuasion. The littlest Bimmer will be fitted with the same turbocharged 3.0-liter six as the 335i, giving it a 306-hp kick in the rear (drive). Maybe it'll even come… » 12/11/06 9:03am 12/11/06 9:03am