Detroit Auto Show: BMW X6 for Production Revealed

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Here in Detroit, BMW went one step further in answering unasked questions, revealing the production model of the new X6 sport activity vehicle (SAV). We're not sure what sports they're referring to, but as far as activity goes, Bimmer engineers apparently went hog wild in countering the inherent flaws of a such high -ground-clearance vehicle for sporting pursuits. They're defying physics with what BMW calls its intelligent X-Drive, a new ground-control system that distributes power between front and rear axle, and its dynamic performance control system, which distributes torque between left and right wheels as needed. Both supernannies are standard on the 2009 X6. Not standard, though a tasty option, is a new, direct-injection, twin turbo V8 producing 407 hp 450 lb-ft. For people who just have to have it all, and are willing to pay smart people to reconcile contradictory desires.