$55,000 "Projekt1" BMW 135i Takes Gold In Dealer-Installed Optioning

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If Classic BMW of Plano, Texas endeavored to build the most optioned BMW 135i ever, we think they were successful with this tii lookalike. We were only able to up-option a 1-series to $52,550 but the clever mechanics at Classic are just better at this than we are. Starting with an already loaded 1-series with an MSRP of $42,900, the Texas tinkerers successfully added $12,372.42 in a "Performance Package" consisting of more carbon fiber and custom paint than we knew existed. It's expensive, but at least it's all covered under warrenty. The car is for sale on eBay so maybe you can snake the price down further away from M3 territory. A description from the dealer of how they made it work below the jump.

eBay seller description All installed options are BMW Performance parts - carrying full BMW warranty. Upgraded options as follows: Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler, Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers, Performance Steering Wheel, Lower Rear Carbon Fiber Difuser, Retrofit Front Suspension, Performance Exhaust System, Carbon Fiber Strut Brace, Wheel and Tire Kit, BMW Performance cross-drilled rotors with Brembo Brakes, Aluminum Pedel Set, Aluminum Footrest, Custom Paint, Ceramic Window Tint and so much more - see attached photo for installed options - ALL of this is over and above the factory options on this vehicle - Premium Package, Sport Pacakge, Active Steering, Black Trim, Premium Hi-Fi Sound System Lumbar Seats, and so much more!!!!


OMG, triple exclamation points!!! [eBay Motors via Motive Forums]

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Bob1967 - 999,999th visitor to this site.

And the most priceless add on for any BMW owner the licence to shit in the street and carve up everyone else and for a limited time only executive use of the overtaking lane at a speed of your choosing just as long as its an inch from my bumper.

It's for sale you say, I'll give you a box of matches for it, or I've got some steam off my piss you may be interested in on second thoughts I'll keep it.