BMW 1-Series & Mini Clubman Prices Announced

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The guys over at Kicking Tires have the scoop on pricing today, with announcements for both the BMW 1-Series and Mini Clubman. BMW's Mini Clubman is going to start out just under the $20K mark at $19,950 for the stock version (before all the real charges) and $23,450 for the turbocharged Clubman S. That's a premium of $1,900 over the regular-sized version.


The other mini Bavarian cruiser will come in at just under $30,000 with a price of $29,375 (including destination) for the regular inline-six-powered 128i. If you want more power, the 135i features the 300 horsepower twin-turbo six and can be had for the reasonable price of $35,675. [Kicking Tires]

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