Ze Germans Want To Buy Fisker For $25 Million

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Fisker Automotive, which spent about $1.4 billion (including $193 million in taxpayer money), has a new suitor in a German investment company Fritz Nois AG. They reportedly just made an offer of $25 million for the quasi-bankrupt company.


The news comes via Autobild.de, which reports that a Frankfurt-based company called Fritz AG Noi, headed by Hamburg lawyer Ingo Voigt, made a plan to resurrect the company and shift product from Finland to the U.S.

They think they can create 2,500 Karmas a year before building other vehicles planned by Fisker, including the Fisker Sunset and Fisker Surf variants.

Mergermarket is reporting that they have to get clearance from the Department of Energy. Beats the hell out of selling it to the Chinese, right?


Brian, The Life of

This makes me happy. The Karma is such a beautiful design (MUCH more sexy than the Model S, IMO) and I was worried that it was going away. While I was dreaming the impossible dream that Ford would buy Fisker and turn the Karma into the next Lincoln (as is and also with the option to ditch the batteries/drivetrain and equip with a Coyote), I'm glad there is some hope here.