Zagato to Build Commemorative Ferrari 575

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It's been 50 years since Zagato worked over a Ferrari 250 for gent'lman driver Vladimiro Galluzzi, creating the 1956 250 GTZ Berlinetta, a duplicitous coup-ay for both racing and showing (and chasing voluptuous women in housecoats down cobblestoned streets). Throughout the late 1950s, the Z boys created several editions subsequently, including the 250 GTZ Coupe Corsa, 250 GTZ Competizione, 250 GTZ Lusso and 205 GTZ Cappo di Tutti Cappi (just kidding, uncle Maurizio). Now, the bespoke builder and design house is working up a new model based on the Ferrari 575, in its waning years before it's to be replaced by the 599 GTB Fiorano. The aluminum-bodied "Zero" edition will get the Zagato signature two-tone paint job other stylistic features to tie it to Zagato Ferraris of old. Collectors will swoon, even if the women in housecoats don't really care much anymore.

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