Zagato Creates Perfect Lancia Aprilia Sport Replica Using Only Photos

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Sometimes a classic car is just so unattainable that you have to resort to replicas. That's easy if you want a fiberglass Cobra-esq roadster, but what about when the car you want doesn't have a kit readily available for you to order? What about if that 1937 Lancia you want doesn't have any documented engineering plans, and there's not a single original car remaining, anywhere? Well, back in 2006, Zagato decided they would take on such a challenge; building a perfect replica of the 1937 Lancia Aprilia Sport using only a few photographs.

This is the end result, but don't think it's just a one-off. Zagato says they plan on building up to nine units of the classic beauty at a price of $235,000. Don't plan to go Enzo-hunting, because the little streamliner only has 48HP. That means top speed is only 79 MPH. Our first thought is to swap in a turbocharged 'Busa motor (or maybe a modern Ducati engine), but you don't need speed when you've got hand-beaten body panels. Besides, those guys went through all the trouble of constructing 3D models from faded old black and white photographs. You'd think the least we could do is respect the craftsmanship.

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Rob Emslie

This is about the best thing I've seen come out of Zagato in a long time. Lancia is such an undervalued nameplate, especially here in the U.S. of A, but they have a rich history of vehicles.