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With the company's centenary approaching, designers at Zagato looked back to its "no it's a boat, no it's a plane" era, the 1930s for inspiration. But instead of building just another retro-themed concept, they completely recreated a Lancia Aprilia Sport, from a version designed in 1938 by now-boss Andrea Zagato's grandfather Ugo, who was inspired by nautical and aviation forms. But since the car no longer exists in material form, and drawing up blueprints wasn't quite how Ugo rolled, the modern team turned to a faded black-and-white photo for guidance. Using CAD, they mapped the photographic form, and employed CNC machining technologies to reconstruct the plans so it could be refabbed. Then, using prewar fabrication techniques, the body panels were hand-beaten by master panel beaters, and the rest of the car was constructed. The result — represented above — is set to be unveiled at the Bologna motor show later this month. Ugo, however, isn't quite as lucky.

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