You've Gotta Come To Jalopnik's Trivia Night At The New York Auto Show

Nissan had some vintage GT-Rs at least year’s NY Auto Show. Did you see them? Did you touch them? Don’t touch them! Photo: Raphael Orlove

From 7-9 p.m. in the evening of Saturday, April 15, I will be hosting an all-things-automotive-and-also-things-that-are-tangentially-automotive-related trivia night in the very walls of the New York Auto Show. You should be there. If you don’t come I will be sad.

Yes, you’ll have to buy a ticket to the New York Auto Show to get into this event, but it’s free once you’re in the show. We’ll be in the back by Mitsubishi and all the Little Automakers That Could in the north hall.


We’ll have ringers to help join you in your trivia teams from our own Jalopnik staff and other car people we know, so you’ll get to rub shoulders with some of the smartest car experts around.

At least one professional race car driver will be there, who you should definitely talk to for some driving tips. He’ll be happy to advise. Probably. Maybe. OK, maybe don’t pester him too much. Definitely don’t look him in the eyes when you speak to him.

RSVP here on this Google form and get ready to flex your brain. I have significant research materials at hand.


But really, I will go easy on you all. I swear.

And if that wasn’t all, we’ll be holding two Jalopnik Throwdowns in the same space on April 21 and April 22. More details to come on that.

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