YouTuber Does Not Get Behind The Wheel For The First Aston Martin Valkyrie Onboard [Correction]

Gif: Mr JWW (YouTube)

The Aston Martin Valkyrie still hasn’t made its way into production quite yet, but the marque knows how to get people interested: onboards. To prove your car is the best, you have to show it kicking ass out on the track. And that’s just what we have for you today.

Correction: Aston Martin emailed to clarify that YouTuber Mr. JWW is not behind the wheel as the video implied, and as this article previously stated. Aston Martin told Jalopnik that the actual driver was Aston’s development driver Darren Turner. We regret the error.

Mr. JWW got to see the car up close, and while he didn’t get to drive the car, it would appear he managed to get his hands on the first-ever onboard footage of it in action.


While this particular model isn’t one of the 150 units being sold, it’s still a prototype designed to final production spec. And it’s awesome.

If you’re just here for the onboard laps at Silverstone, that doesn’t start until the 14:23 mark. But there’s tons of other cool stuff before that regarding the design and build process of a multi-million dollar hypercar. Aston Martin had to spend a good bit of time, for instance, figuring out how to mount the license plate without the exhaust melting it, which is part of what makes this 6.5-liter V12 car so damn cool.

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