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You're With Me, Sierra? GMC And ESPN Huddle Up On New Pickup Advertising

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The General just released the media marketing strategy for the GMC Sierra, and it's filled with all sorts of marketing buzz terminology about how it's designed to "leverage a non-traditional marketing platform designed to reach today's savvy consumer beyond the traditional thirty second television advertisement." So in english it appears GM means that it'll be using a mix of not-so-much interactive internet ads — paired with the acknowledged Hail Mary of advertising — "football-themed TV promotional with ESPN." Because apparently, if the ad is "football-themed" it's "non-traditional." More importantly, if the ads are "co-branded with ESPN" — then they're so non-traditional that they're actually become a "non-traditional marketing platform." All the General needs to do now is toss Chris Berman and some scantily-clad cheerleaders (sorostitutes work in a pinch) up onto the "platform" and we've got everything kids in the 18-35 demo need to wet their pants. While we go and vomit a little, check out the full press release after the jump.


Keys To Victory Web Site

GMC Announces its Largest Advertising and Marketing Campaign Yet at NFL Kick-off 2006


Non-traditional marketing strategy designed to keep pace with shifts in consumer preferences includes heavy focus on new and emerging digital technologies and online media and promotions.

DETROIT- GMC announced today elements of its largest advertising and marketing campaign yet to launch its all-new 2007 Sierra pickup, leveraging a non-traditional marketing platform designed to reach today's savvy consumer beyond the traditional thirty second television advertisement.

The strategy runs throughout the fourth quarter and is designed to reach the millions of football fans who watch Monday Night Football, and tap into the passion NFL fans have for the game on a regular basis.

At the NFL Kick-Off celebration activities in Miami this week, GMC will announce details to its new "Keys to Victory" promotion, a national initiative with ESPN's Monday Night Football. The multi-faceted online promotion gives consumers a chance to win the all-new 2007 Sierra truck, the official truck of the NFL, each week for 16 weeks.


The "Keys to Victory" promotion uses Oddcast Technology to regularly engage the passionate NFL fan at an entirely new level. Oddcast technology makes the website look like it is live, as if Joe is having a real-time interaction with the consumer.

"Keys to Victory, GMC's largest promotion to date, is the pivotal promotional element of GMC's sports strategy to reach the millions of football fans who attend or watch games on television every week," said Steve Rosenblum, GMC marketing director. "A promotion of this magnitude will not only harness the power we already have with football fans throughout the country, but will help take that excitement to the next level."


"In celebration of ESPN's Monday Night Football, we've collaborated with one of the NFL's largest sponsors to create the biggest promotion of the year," said Fred Bucher, vice president TV online marketing, ESPN. "GMC's "Keys to Victory" will keep viewers tuning in to ESPN each week for their chance to win the official truck of the NFL."

The 16-week promotion begins at the NFL Kick-off Experience in Miami on Sept. 5, with an eye-catching parade of 32 vehicles wrapped in official NFL team colors and logos. Almost 30 football legends, including "Keys to Victory" host Joe Theismann, will caravan down Ocean Drive .


"I'm excited to play host of ESPN's Monday Night Football and GMC's 'Keys to Victory'," said NFL legend Joe Theismann. "This innovative promotion not only allows me to interact with my fans and share insights on Monday Night Football match-ups, but also gives football fans everywhere a chance to win the greatest truck on the market."

16 Weeks. 16 Trucks. 16 Chances to Win.

Beginning Sept. 1, NFL fans will log on to for three chances to win the all-new 2007 GMC Sierra. Viewers will have the opportunity to win by:

1. Voting online for who they think will win each week's Monday Night Football match-up (fans can gain insight by viewing a video analysis by Theismann)
2. Interacting with Theismann by answering football trivia questions
3. Interacting with the all-new Sierra vehicle via virtual tour


In addition, The Keys to Victory on-air poll will feature ESPN analysts discussing the GMC Keys to Victory and directing viewers to the web site to vote on which key to victory will be the most dominant in the game. The voter's poll will be revealed on Sports Center at the conclusion of the game.

Football-Themed Advertising

The promotion is a piece of GMC's advertising campaign launching the all-new 2007 GMC Sierra. "Keys to Victory" will be supported through multiple media channels including:

* Football- themed TV promotional spots that focus on "Keys to Victory" and the all-new 2007 Sierra.
* USA Today ads - print ads will run on Friday and Monday each week to drive traffic to the "Keys to Victory" web site through the weekly match-up - consumers will be able to make their vote for the game winner for a chance to win a 2007 Sierra.
* ESPN magazine presence - contextual ads will run in the magazine every two weeks
* Online Advertising - Fantasy Football and ESPN promotional and football-themed executions.


In addition, GMC will have exposure in the following:

* Monday Night Football Opening on ESPN - GMC and the Sierra will be featured numerous times during Monday Night Football Opening kicking off each Monday night game.
* Co-Branded ESPN spot - GMC will be featured in a co-branded spot produced by ESPN to promote Monday Night Football.


GMC's relationship with the NFL began in 2004 when it became the first advertiser to have specific products featured in the Monday Night Football opening. In 2005, GMC aired the first 90-second football-themed spot when it was named, "the official vehicle of the NFL."

About GMC

GMC is a division of General Motors Corp. The division markets the Sierra, Yukon, Envoy, Canyon and Savana brands. GMC's lineup of Professional Grade trucks delivers outstanding capabilities that exceed customers' expectations with unique features and design elements. GMC sold more than 566,000 vehicles in 2005, and has set divisional sales records 11 times in the last 13 years. More information on GMC and its products can be found at


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Al Navarro

From the ridiculous to the sublime, Ray?

That's my classic move stolen from a past ad agency prez boss (whom I really liked and respected, btw)....he'd preface by saying "let me build on that..." and then go somewhere totally different from the idea he was allegedly "building" on.

But to get back to the matter at hand:

"Oddcast technology makes the website look like it is live, as if Joe [Theismann?] is having a real-time interaction with the consumer."

This sounds like a really bad, insincere, technology for technology's sake, maneuver.

Maybe GMC's real problem is that, after using their online tool to spec a 1500 Crew cab that I'd actually been caught dead in, the MSRP is $38.5k. Are you ready for some football?!?