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Yes, it's still Ironhide. Actually, the problem is that the GMC "Sierra" dressed up as Ironhide — it's not so much a Sierra. Reader dankickass gave us the down-low:

"The truck photographed is not a GMC Sierra, it is a GMC Top Kick C4500 4WD Crew Cab (not a K4500 anymore, now they're C4500 4WD, so confusing!) with a Monroe upfitters' bed and from what we can see a whole lot of custom work too. The badass tires that Seth L commented about are the Nitto Mud Grappler...Fun fact, the bed on Ironhide there is all-composite...

...The giveaways for it being a Top Kick and not a Sierra are the wider bed and cab and the wierd rear window suround, since the Kodiak/Top Kick cab is borrowed from the Express/Savana G-van twins. The giveaway for it being 4WD is the large aluminum transfer case ahead of the rear axle, but it's a little harder to catch."

And you know what, dankickass? There is no Easter Bunny. Over there, that's just a guy in a suit. For real though, thanks for the tip.


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